The Seattle Rolers

Friday August 28th, part 1

The party finished with the first room, and when they got to the second room, they discovered that their enemies had been turned to stone. Then from the stairs down came Morgan, a big man in shiny armor. He explained how they had arrived late, and he had the dragon skin and mask that was the proof that the Kobold leader had been killed, effectively stealing their quest rewards.

When he left, they noticed the logo of a local brewery on his back.

They continued to explore the dungeon, and in the last room they found the corpse of a small white dragon. One of their quests was to find information on the preasence of one such creature. When they got back to town they noticed that while the first two questgivers were happily enjoying their Maguffins, Nimozoran was still awaiting their arrival.

They were able to complete his quest, and thus gain the use of his teleportation circle.

They all had a reason to go to the town of Bristol, and so Nimozoran tried to send them to Bristol, but because of a hiccup, accidentally sent them to the town of Brindol, about 2 days journey from their present location.

Then the opening credit rolled…

Friday August 1st

We met to create characters for our 4th edition game, and we began to run through the dungeon in the back on the DMG.


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